Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Data point: an urban friend goes back to the land

Hadn't seen the guy in a while. Turns out he's been deep in the redwoods with a friend of his who owns some land there: growing mushrooms, foraging, homesteading. His host is getting some of it on video, maybe for a documentary.

Quite a change for this guy I know. For twenty years he's been a bravely easygoing social service worker in inner-city, ground-zero kinds of contact with difficult people. Now, he enjoys ministering to plants. With gentle satisfaction, he says, plants don't argue with him. "You give them what they need, and they accept it."

Got me thinking how people in the Depression went back to the family farm, how some commentators have said that, this time, not so many people have a family farm to go back to. So, well, maybe some new farms are starting up?

Also, don't know if it's relevant, but there were gestures in The Rumpus and The Awl earlier this month toward gathering low-rent writers to form literary communes... Hm, the inner city is getting so expensive, nobody can hardly live here any more...

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