Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dorito crumbs?

Paging #VictorHugo Dept.: I don't know if nine years is a fair sentence for being a person with a prior record who is culpably mixed up in the thefts of some gasoline and a motorcycle. I don't know how much it matters that the sentence was reduced from nine years and eight months because the appellate court found the gasoline was stolen from an unroofed junkyard, hence wasn't a "burglary" as originally charged.

I do think it's a bit much that the prosecutor, speaking to the jury, compared Pablo Chavez and his codefendants to "maggots," "leeches," "zombies," and "crumbs of ... Doritos."

The case is worth reading. As a well-written case study of certain unattractive corners of life, meaning both junkyards and jury trials.

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