Saturday, May 19, 2012

Erm... self-selection, anyone?

So recipients of HUD housing counseling do well, per recent studies, either as first-time homebuyers or as borrowers seeking help to prevent threatened foreclosures. Really well. Among the counseled would-be first-time homebuyers who enrolled in the study and who went ahead with home purchases, only one later fell behind on payments.

HUD folk are justly proud of these outcomes, which were featured on the agency's weblog yesterday.

But the thing is, people who are willing to sign up for and listen to government advice, and to be enrolled in a federal study -- people who seek out and accept any available advantage, whatever its cost to them in time, hassle, and possibly pride -- well, people like that are not typical people, are they?

They're the sort who are more likely to be diligent and responsible in fact, and who also are more likely to impress officials as being diligent and responsible.

It's great that HUD has been able to help these diligent, responsible people.

Now, what's to be done for the feckless typical public who are too slapdash or proud to ask directions?

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