Thursday, May 31, 2012

How art defangs criticism: a bead game on Twitter

Posted this item on Twitter last night: three mutually chiming items about the way a serious will to right wrongs can be blunted by framing criticism as art.

- From the Daily Dose of Architecture blog (@archidose), an indignant review by Build LLC saying a New York MOMA exhibit on foreclosure and the suburbs "took a critical issue of social and architectural importance and turned it into a theoretical art project."

- From The New Inquiry, (@newinquiry), theoretics from Sinead Murphy on "the Art Kettle," especially the difference between a literal political protest and an art exhibit made from photos of the protest displayed in a museum.

- In the Twitter-only New Mexico News (@New_Mexico_News) -- well, it's a three-line item, easier if you just read it.

Hm. Realizing it took a lot less time to assemble the original Twitter three-fer than to unpack the three items here.

Except, the New Inquiry material is raising this question whether Twitter itself is kind of an "art kettle".

But once you find news or an idea on Twitter you can follow it up wherever else you like -- so that's OK then, right?

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