Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just 12% of CalWorks families get housing aid

Great to see this #PPIC report is by a friend, Caroline Danielson. Apart from which it's full of good data. Including some jarring figures on Pages 17-18:
"Among all CalWORKs families, 12 percent had a housing subsidy and only 3 percent were receiving subsidized child care or preschool (Table 2). Help with child care costs was over twice as common among families with parents who had not yet reached their time limit (6 and 8 percent). At an estimated 30 percent, receipt of subsidized housing was much more common among families with timed-out parents, perhaps because members of this subgroup had the time to rise to the top of waiting lists for such housing."
It's a sad reminder of a street-corner chat, ages ago, with a British tourist whose brain refused to wrap itself around the benefit rates paid to unemployed people in the United States. He kept saying, "But that's in addition to housing subsidy, right?"

Um, no.

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