Sunday, May 13, 2012

@NHLP's "mass evictions" case was Park Village

A clarification: it isn't the Green case that the National Housing Law Project credits with preventing mass evictions. That is, I'm sure the tenant success in Green will prevent some evictions. But NHLP intern Alex Nourafshan sent over a courteous note tonight saying the case intended to be described as "preventing mass evictions" was actually last year's Ninth Circuit victory, Park Village Apts. Tenants Association v. Mortimer Howard Trust.

Alex explains that this item of mine, posted earlier today, was picking up an error in NHLP's Twitter feed, and that my April 26 summary of the case was pretty much right. He's a bit too kind: my post this morning did gather new accurate detail from the NLHP Web site summary of Anchor Pacifica Management Co. v. Green. I hadn't made quite clear before how that decision generally protects Californians who live in housing that receives local government subsidies against the possibility of eviction without good cause.

Anyway Alex says this tweet from NHLP about a victory that "prevented mass evictions" was meant to refer to last year's Ninth Circuit Park Village decision, and here's NHLP's writeup of that one. The Park Village case, yes, was a humdinger, protecting the rights of elderly Section 8 tenants with enhanced vouchers to remain in their rentals after the owners opted out of the program.

Here's my small February 2011 writeup of Park Village. It was really just a pendent to Bob Egelko's good coverage in the SF Chronicle.

NHLP's summary explains that since then, in November 2011, there's been further good news: the U.S. Supreme Court declined to review the Ninth Circuit decision, letting it stand.

My thanks to NHLP for the courtesy and for glancing at this blog, as well as for the good work.

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