Wednesday, May 30, 2012

@NLIHC on paternalistic housing policy

I thought this report by @dpelletiere was the pick of last night's rich Twitter haul on housing policy. Prepared for the National Low Income Housing Coalition, it's an opinionated literature review on the way cities' managerial types have consecutively used policies of segregation and of "deconcentration" to tell poor people of color where and how to live and what is good for them.

The title is "Affordable Housing Dilemma: The Preservation vs. Mobility Debate." The question the title raises is whether policymakers who consider their motives to be liberal and antiracist are finding it too easy to break up neighborhoods in the name of liberating families from what I suppose they still might call the "culture of poverty". It's answered with the suggestion that forced dispersal is very far from being the opposite of ghettoization.

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