Saturday, May 12, 2012

#OccupyBernal is so Bernal Heights

Good old "Red Hill." The pictured poster (also on the OccupyBernal Web site) is just so Bernal Heights, from the "Good Neighbor" phrase at the top to the "Labor Donated" bug in the bottom corner. Such a good approach they're taking, to be neighborly about objecting to foreclosures, on a neighborhood basis, among people who know each other. They're getting results up there, too.

I took these pictures this afternoon. Gorgeous view from there. Envying whoever has access to those blue chairs on the roof, pictured below.

Stiff wind up there today. This redtail hawk was hover-hunting over a grassy slope of the hill, sometimes having to draw in its wings as though for a dive just to stay in place.

Bernal Heights, well, it's a small town up there, that time didn't quite forget but that time did at least treat kindly. For a further sense of the place, at right is the notice board (with Foreclosure Fighter Fiesta poster again) at the north entrance to Bernal Heights Park. Complete with flotation tank opportunity, harmonica lessons, a "Clarinet Monster Workshop." Also there's "a picnic for Tri-Pawed Dogs."

Such a comfort to know such places still exist.

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