Thursday, May 10, 2012

OK, the Tenderloin does have luxury housing

This item at @the_tender proves I was deeply wrong yesterday to say the Tenderloin has less of a big-money end than western South of Market. Folks at -- which I'm just discovering as it winds down publication (sigh) -- spotted this January SF Chronicle item describing the palatial Hamilton penthouse and its $5.8 million asking price. The Hamilton, a fine old Art Deco building, is 631 O'Farrell at Leavenworth, definitely a Tenderloin address.

This does go to show how San Francisco's northeastern neighborhoods, all of them, have residents at all economic levels. Which is a thing the out-of-town business writers keep missing, e.g. Businessweek back in March. There's a too-common assumption that tech companies moving into western downtown SF will become glowing standouts in a vacant, derelict landscape, which they'll be free to remake as they wish. No. They're joining these neighborhoods, not redeeming them. They'll be welcome neighbors in many ways, just not unique ones.

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