Friday, May 4, 2012

Protesters break store window; city cites owner

This is wrong, tho right-wingers will say so too & will draw wrong conclusions from it:

Protesters broke the window of a business in San Francisco's Mission District. Then San Francisco DPW officials cited the owner for the graffiti on the boarding over the broken window.

As Joel says, "This is how SF gets its reputation for being anti-business."

But really there's no reason to blame the special flavor of San Francisco official officiousness on any sort of "anti-business" attitude. If anything, it's a pro-business attitude in the sense that it's pro-slickness, pro-tourism... you could even call it municipal narcissism, in the sense of pathological image-consciousness.

The city, and especially DPW, seems to operate on the principle of punishing anything that conflicts with a theme-park ideal of smooth simple shiny surfaces. It's the attitude that produced the inappropriate graffiti citation. That very same attitude, in its majestic equality, sends out DPW trucks to destroy tent campers' possessions under freeways.

[Update via Uptown Almanac: sounds like the city took back the citation.]

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