Friday, May 4, 2012

Today's jargon champ: Reverse Mortgage Daily

"As call centers gain momentum, originations by boots on the ground will wane even worse than they are today."

This lovely sentence is from a brief column captioned "The Cynic" in Reverse Mortgage Daily.

Apart from the jolting image of jackbooted mortgage salesmen prowling the Moon with phones and clipboards, the column & an accompanying news roundup make a serious point: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Financial Freedom have already left the reverse mortgage business and now Met Life has gotten out. "The Cynic" is saying the reverse mortgage industry is shrinking. Maybe just as well. What he/she says next is a sample of the candor sometimes found in small-audience trade publications:
"I am no Pollyanna but do see a bright future for our industry but not so much I think a prediction of 100,000 endorsements for next fiscal year was based on anything other than irrational exuberance whether MetLife is in the industry or not. I guess the scotch was flowing pretty deep at the last NRMLA convention or maybe it was that long time drug of the mortgage industry OPM (other people’s money)." 
I know, I know, reverse mortgages have their uses -- but they're so scary when used wrong, interpreted wrong, or not fully understood. And the industry, when its members talk among themselves, can come across as terribly cynical.

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