Saturday, June 9, 2012

Beautiful day South of Market

Stay tuned for a #LunchingInPublic, likely later today. We might do the InterContinental Hotel terraces (prior writeup here) or the Westfield Mall roof by the rotunda (Yelp reviews here, several very funny about the access process.)

Meanwhile, a mini-breakthrough in public space closer to home: this morning the main gate into the Gene Friend Recreation Center at Sixth and Folsom was (drumroll, please...) OPEN! That gate is almost never open. Normally to get into the fenced green area you have to make the boundary-crossing effort to get there through the community center. (Less inviting entrance pictured below.) Lots of us never really do go in.

Inside the park this morning, a couple were sitting together on a bench. Arm in arm.


  1. whoa nellie, this is news! I've never seen the gate open other

    love you're blog, jeff @ bluoz

  2. Hey Jeff,

    Thx for the blog love & back atcha. Been enjoying Bluoz too. Also thx for the Twitter mention. I gather you're @auweia1 at!/auweia1 ?

    About the gate, yep, here's hoping it's a sign of a light de-fortifying policy at the rec center, not just a sign that a truck was about to back in or something.