Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A big week for SF public spaces news

@JohnKingSFChron went to town on the law and life of #POPOS (privately-owned public spaces) with a couple of good articles earlier this week:

First of all, on Sunday, he had a writeup of the San Francisco local legislation that would require clearer signage to tell the actual public about privately-owned public spaces. Twitter link here, direct article link here.

Which makes this a good place to publish some links to the legislation that Jesse Mullan of the @DogpatchHowler very kindly sent me last week: Here's the Planning Commission agenda for (gulp) tomorrow. Wish I'd posted this sooner.

Anyway, here's the direct link to the executive summary for the Planning Commission's agenda item. It's a readable report on the problem of furtively placed signage and what to do about it. See especially Pages 10 to 12 of the PDF for a rogues' gallery of unobtrusive placements, e.g. "...less visible side wall... on the ground outside the alley entrance... on reflective material." That last example is at 1 Kearny, which might explain why Joel and I missed the front-door plaque entirely during our Lunching in Public visit last week.

The other John King article I wanted to mention is partly a review of the 1 Montgomery terrace reached through the Crocker Galleria -- the other terrace that Joel and I missed on our first Lunching outing because the door to it was locked on a quiet Saturday. The article says in fact it's pretty badly run down up there. Too bad. He gives the other part of the article to 303 Second Street, which by contrast, he says, has been nicely spiffed up. His Twitter link here, link to the article here.

On Monday Mr. King was kind enough to mention our Lunching in Public project on his personal Facebook page here. With a challenge included, I'm sure unintentionally: he says we're doing one of these events/writeups per week. Urm. Well. That's kind of the schedule we'd to keep -- one picnic a week, either late in the work week or on a weekend -- but dunno if we can keep it up. Here's hoping we can do so most of the time.

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