Friday, June 8, 2012

If people are evicted from it, let's call it a home.

Via @Ntl_homeless, more oxymoronic deshantyfying, this time in Colorado: The Durango Herald says:
"Local law-enforcement personnel are sweeping public lands along the city outskirts this week, armed with eviction notices for campsites occupied by homeless or transient people."
If people can be evicted from places where they are living steadily, then these places are homes, however substandard. Of course everyone who wants a code-compliant enclosed housing unit with the roof, walls, doors, electricity and hot running water should be able to live in one. But in the meantime, I really think it would be fairer to admit that homes are being destroyed here.

At least the Durango local ordinance grants the dignity of “knowingly lodge in or camp upon.”

I like the generality of that word "lodging." It's one reason I picked the title of this site: a person can be "lodging," voluntarily or otherwise, in a lot of kinds of places that aren't defined as a standard dwelling unit but that are still worth thinking and talking about as places where people live.

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