Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mid-Market a "food desert"? Whaaaa?

Otherwise a good article by the SF Chron's John Coté about businesses moving into Market Street from Fifth to Twitter. Way more respectful than a lot of recent coverage in describing who we already were before the money started to flow in. (By contrast, BusinessWeek, urgh.)

Also, he was decent about quoting a pretty good variety of people. Not just investors, conventional business owners, and the "Central Market Community Benefit District" street-policers, but also housing advocates and a member of the regular corner group who hang out along the Trinity Plaza parking-lot wall.  He didn't have to call the people at the wall "downtrodden" (how are they likely to feel, reading that?) and I could wish he had interviewed some local long-term apartment tenants like us and our neighbors. Still, pretty good.

I'll even grant him the line about "erratic characters on the street" -- there are, and we are, and that's what makes a city a city.

But where does he get off saying western Market Street is "long considered a food desert"? Huh?

Heart of the City Farmers' Market, Wednesdays and Sundays. Corner stores on every block, some of them small-scale grocers. Small restaurants for every budget all up and down the major streets. Trader Joe's at 8th and Bryant. Harvest Market and the Unimart at 8th and Howard. Safeway at 16th and Market. FoodsCo and Rainbow Grocery at 13th and Folsom. That tourist grocery store in the basement of the Westfield Mall. Whole Foods at 4th and Harrison.

Granted, a friend's IHSS worker refers to Rainbow Grocery as "that little fancy store," and she's half-right tho I think a little unfair if you stay out of the cheese department. But if you want just plain cheap, there's the FoodsCo right across the street. 

Food desert?

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