Saturday, June 23, 2012

"San Franciscans" include panhandlers.

Oblivious prejudice in an SF Chron lead:
"San Franciscans pass by panhandlers every day. Some give change. A few smile. Fewer still strike up a conversation. It’s likely that only one has ever formed a relationship with a panhandler strong enough to lead to years of documentary filmmaking and, perhaps most unlikely of all, a real friendship."
That's by Heather Knight, City Hall reporter. It's a front-page feature about a documentary that grew out of a friendship between a filmmaker from Spain and a local panhandler. The Spanish guy, Fran Guijarro, came here about five years ago. The panhandler, Alvin "Moses" Carbins, has treated the same San Francisco coffee shop as his "office" for twenty years. Which one counts with Knight as the "San Franciscan"? Oh -- the guy with the better housing, the one who was new here when the two men met in 2007.

Not a bad feature once you get past the lead but, yow.

The film is panhandling for $50,000 seed money at Kickstarter here.

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