Saturday, July 14, 2012

Can't get there from here

The Presidio has a foot crossing problem along Crissy Field. Temporary, it seems, but for now, a problem.

J. runs and skates there a lot and notices because, before the construction, he was in the habit of taking a left turn from the waterfront into the Presidio and so home to SoMa via the avenues. Now, there's no way to walk (or run, or skate) from Crissy Field inland to the heart of the Presidio -- the Main Post, for example -- anywhere along the waterfront between the Palace of Fine Arts and the area a mile or more farther along with the old pet cemetery and disused stables.

The long-term design announcements for the project show in drawings here and here that eventually there will be a broad bridge of parkland crossing over Doyle Drive midway along with foot trails and everything.

In the meantime --

The problem, as shown in the picture below, is that the footbridge across the lagoon goes only as far as the surface road by the barrack/warehouse building at the end of it. Beyond that, you can't walk on up the hill toward the Main Post because there's the road.

Looking forward to the construction being finished.

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