Saturday, July 21, 2012

How it pinches

Waiting room, Tenderloin storefront. Older guy in a beret waiting outside, smoking. Woman at the window calls his name. The people he's with -- his wife and a friend, it seems -- call out the door to him. The friend says, "Tell him, don't put out that cigarette." Friend goes out and takes the cigarette as the guy comes in to the window.

At the window, they tell him his insurance doesn't cover his medicine this month. Oh, he says. Should he call the insurance company? Yes, likely a good idea. "I shall," he says, a bit formally and firmly.

He steps away, then tries one more thing on the woman at the window: "You done something different with your hair?" She isn't buying it. Oh well, he'll be seeing the doctor on the second of the month. No meds until then.

And it was afternoon, and then it was evening. Another day.

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