Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pinterest headed for Brannan Street

Yet another social media company moving South of Market This time it's Pinterest at 808 Brannan. That's a bit off to the right across the interior of the block from where I stood to take this photo last month.

The site is within a block of the Hall of Justice. Guess it still counts as South of Market but I've always thought of it as the Potrero flats, really a different environment from the Market-to-Harrison blocks above the freeway, let alone way up to the north by Twitter on Market Street. Used to be, the buildings north and east of that 7th/Brannan corner housed lawyers, bail bondsmen and nonprofits orbiting the carceral world, plus a few clothing outlet stores and bars and such. To the south and west, it was to-the-trade wholesalers and suppliers in the gift and interior decorating businesses. And, OK, the Concourse Exhibition Center and the big weird Sega building (now Zynga) and Trader Joe's. But now, good grief.

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