Monday, July 23, 2012

Who shelters what.

I'm not sure I have ever seen a bicycle parked in the elaborately roofed and fenced bicycle rack in the welfare workers' parking lot at Eighth and Mission.

On the other hand, this is hard to see, but in the picture below, taken tonight, over there on the unroofed, unfenced sidewalk behind the phone pole on the right, there were three shopping carts lined up one behind the other. That could have meant one person or couple was/were trying to wrangle three carts, but it could also have meant one person was watching several people's carts for them while they went to check on shelter availability, eat dinner, etc.

Because as far as I know there's no fenced area where people who keep their property in shopping carts can lock them for safekeeping by the hour or day while they tend to errands in places that don't allow shopping carts. In welfare offices, for example.

BTW that brick wall at left is the wall of the Buzzell Bldg. featured in the previous item. Eighth Street is dense in stories.

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