Saturday, August 4, 2012

Could public death data include type of housing?

"Bluoz" wrote this morning with this link to It shows the past month's police death reports, which go by block of the city and type of death (basically, natural causes or not), but not by type of housing.

A couple questions, then, in aid of this possibility that a tally could be made of deaths in supportive housing:

- How many deaths are left out of the police database because they occurred in hospitals or in some other context not involving police?

- If it's OK (sufficient regard for the decedent's privacy) to say what block someone died on, is it OK to say what type of housing was the person's domicile (possibly different from place of death) at the time of death?

- If domicile can't be given for each individual death, well, domicile appears on every death certificate, so could that information be cross-referenced with a list of subsidized housing property addresses and the results reported in aggregate?

Just throwing out ideas here -- but just wondering.


  1. there is one way to get police related calls by address, but it's time consuming and you have to go there in person and fill out a forma and the mail it to you, and only one at a time

    two examples

    so we know it is possible to do that. But I don't know if there's a reason why they can't/won't put it on dataSF and only list those by block. Might be worth exploring further

  2. and then take a look at this liquor license before the BoS it has the same web addy they use from the dispatch center, excpt this is going through the 850 Bryant liaison for ABC

    and this has a couple of listings by address..they just don't have these stats online for some reason