Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Food truck variations, Roseburg, OR

In hard-hit Roseburg, Oregon, a novel step into informalization: the Neighborhood Smokehouse and Grill food truck plugs in to utilities under the awning of a disused gas station that seems to have been recently a Rhino Shield paint dealership.

These photos were just snapped from the road, so I didn't check if the smokehouse operation has also moved inside the permanent building -- but whether it has or not, this is a new combination and kind of a cool one.

That is, you see food trucks along streets, and then you see drive-in restaurants in converted gas stations. But it's special to see a food truck *in* a gas station -- one that's under shelter, with tables, maybe with support in the nearby building, but that can leave to cater a party (maybe this one?) or for that matter can take up with a new landlord. That's a whole nother level of flexibility.

Precarity being the flip side of "flexibility". Scary world we live in. But so amazing to see how people adapt.

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