Saturday, August 25, 2012

The pick of the jargon in my "To Read" pile

Just posted this Twitter item linking to some gov't Web items that win my personal award for sheer virtuosic density of technical jargon.

Top recognition goes to "Solution-Focused Thinking Across the Entire Service Delivery System – Making the Vision a Reality." That's the title of a two-part article, published on the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness weblog (here and here), written by a for-profit management consultant who recommends being "in the business of ending homelessness," which he does appear to be.

Dishonorable mention to this para of Item 10 in the second half of that same article:
"Never have I experienced a community moving to a system-wide approach get it perfect out of the gate. The ones that do the best work are the ones that focus their attention on learning from their implementation and tweaking as they go. Emerging thoughts and evidence from the private business start-up world supports this approach."

Eccch -- lights dimming -- mind going numb with luminous vagueness -- not grasping meaning -- must be important meaning somewhere here -- so many, many important words -- system-based approach -- progressive providers -- bite-chew ratio -- gagging now --

OK, better I don't keep trying to describe or summarize this stuff. Better you just go look at it yourself.

Carefully, though. Maybe wear sunglasses. Or get a piece of that translucent beef jerky like for watching the sun in an eclipse. If your brain starts to judder, stop reading right away.

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