Saturday, September 22, 2012

Occupy camp: the medium is the message

SF Chron poverty reporter Kevin Fagan complained last year that the downtown Occupy camp had become (or anyway had been at times) too much a place for poor people to live. This year, with a new camp built to mark the movement's anniversary, he reports new complaints that it has become too much a place for poor people to live. He now says last year's camp "was filled with the idealistic fire of the newly flowered Occupy protest movement." 

Whatever the current campers say to reporters, I don't see how anyone, in private thought, could make a purely apolitical choice to live at a public protest encampment.

As some smart people discussed last year, it's a political act to come out as homeless. Also, homeless people who have been out there for a while have a lot to contribute to a protest encampment. They know how to be good outdoor neighbors and how to live with the challenges of improvised housing. Not everyone knows those things.

Whether everyone at that camp on Market Street is handing out leaflets is pretty seriously immaterial.

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