Sunday, September 23, 2012

Yarn parking, 24th Street

Nice sign cozies today near the start of the upscale shopping on 24th.

But since when do we have signs barring vehicles over six feet high? Can't recall seeing them before.

Maybe a precursor to the proposed anti-RV ordinance that will be up for the San Francisco Supervisors' vote (on first reading) this Tuesday?

[Update: here's the full Board agenda for Tuesday, and here's the agenda item packet. The agenda packet, much expanded from its committee version, includes a tidy comparison at Page 29 of the way large-vehicle and overnight-habitation bans would crosshatch to keep vehicular residents in trouble. I've reproduced that page below (click to enlarge). Also, at Page 41, the agenda at last includes a Coalition on Homelessness rebuttal.

In between, there's a lot of correspondence in the packet from business and property owners who blame RV residents for crime in their neighborhoods. Although some of the publicity on this matter has concerned Ocean Beach, many of the most virulent letters reproduced here express wishes to kick RVs out of the city's traditional containment zone for vehicular residents along the southeastern waterfront: the Potrero flats, Dogpatch and the Bayview. Over the last fifteen years, as those areas have become more attractive as real estate, we've seen steady de facto enclosure of the public streets with respect to vehicular residents. This proposed ordinance is a heavy new virtual fence to add to the others.]

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