Saturday, October 27, 2012

About a housing registry, pre-disaster this time?

Thinking about Hurricane Sandy on the way.

In writing long-distance about Katrina for an audience of housing specialists, I learned that one of the worst underreported failures was lack of coordination between landlords of vacant subsidized properties and displaced eligible tenants.

That time, 2005, housing placements finally got going via Craigslist and an activist site and a service set up through one of the universities. FEMA was worse than useless on the subject. Mainly FEMA thought in large-scale, congregate terms. That is, they wanted to put people in trailer camps and they did.

Now of course there's Twitter, which there wasn't before. Might or might not help anything. But if anyone in housing wants to start organizing a registry of available vacant units it might do some good to have that already handy, hm?

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