Thursday, October 11, 2012

At least Web 1.0 didn't try to redesign us all.

The SF Bay Guardian explains most of what's wrong with this really disturbing campaign ad featuring Twitter officials. The ad is for a business tax measure on our current ballot, Proposition E, for which I will now emphatically not be voting. It features new tech-employed colonists complaining about the existing city and deciding, like the Masters of Krikkit in Douglas Adams' Life, The Universe and Everything, that it'll have to go.

[A thought later: no, Krikkit probably isn't fair. It's more as though these tech figures feel they have bought themselves a city and that, as with any home designed by others, there will have to be certain renovations to make it really suitable.]

The rich, demanding newcomers pictured in the ad seem to think high-tech machines should be brought in to get rid of anything in San Francisco that doesn't serve their lifestyle. The only speaker in the ad who states a valid complaint is a Spanish-speaking woman, implicitly less rich, who is fed up with hipsters in her neighborhood. As the Guardian says, the most disturbing moment is when an authority figure behind a desk claims nothing can be done for her.

I'm posting about it here because I don't even want to look at Twitter right now.

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