Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How is a so-called "Better Market Street" plan against trees and butterflies?

Just got wind of this terrible proposal to cut down some or all of the plane trees that serve as butterfly habitat on Market Street, to build a dedicated bike lane. What kind of "environmentalist" or "sustainability" or "placemaking" minds would support destroying one of the nicest existing features of a street and reducing habitat for the Western tiger swallowtail in order to "improve" it?

I mean, the Chron story I've linked above suggests the planners who want to cut the trees have all kinds of ideas that might be nice in themselves such as bicycling and sidewalk cafes, but they're one-size-fits-all features that would create generic opportunities for upper-middle-class conviviality anywhere.

How about they learn to look at what's here with a little respect instead of viewing us as "blight"?

Fortunately, some lepidopterists are paying attention.

You can write to and tell them this idea is deeply wrong. I just did.

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