Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Second Global Urbanist article: criminalization

Yesterday Global Urbanist posted my second article, this time on criminalization of homelessness in the U.S. generally. There's an extra bit on the awful conditions in Fresno. I'm told even Fresno is not the worst but it's bad enough.

Mike Rhodes of the activist Fresno-based Community Alliance Newspaper, was kind enough to correspond with me about some of the hell he's seen, e.g. this, and to lend a couple photos of it.

In another couple weeks I'll have one last article out in the magazine, this time talking about the scope of the "state of exception" that excludes some Americans from full citizenship because of their housing status, and the possibility that informal communities could be a means to claiming civic citizenship while still waiting and striving for better physical living conditions.

Sorry for the long silence over here on the weblog, by the way. I've been posting mainly on Twitter lately. Been exciting to exchange thoughts via the Global Urbanist articles with people in cities all over the world. As architect and urban planner Mukta Naik tweeted from Gurgaon in India, "same issues everywhere".

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